Advertising: New Entries from PPK, FBC Design, and The Designory for Adv. Annual 2020

The latest entry for the Advertising Annual 2020 comes from Graphis Master PPK. Entitled “Littlest Fish Wins Big” (above, left), the design agency created an advertisement for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, of which they have been a longtime supporter. Tasked with designing an ad for the Yerrid Foundation Grand Slam Celebrity Fishing Tournament, PPK approached it with a creative twist. Instead of showcasing a typical huge stuffed fish, they featured a very tiny one, in order to convey the message that the littlest ones mattered the most at this tournament. With this ad, PPK focuses on the children and their immeasurable courage, which should inspire everyone to support the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. By highlighting the real heroes at the fishing competition, PPK promotes a significant cause with a lighthearted advertisement.

For Fox Entertainment, FBC Design created an unsettling and compelling design for an ad campaign promoting the second season of The Exorcist. For the approach, FBC Design chose to amp up the horror and design a piece of art that represented both the physical and metaphorical experience of demonic possession. Entitled “THE EXORCIST Season 2 – ‘Demon Within'” (above, right), FBC Design wanted to avoid conventional “possession” tropes found in various TV shows and horror movies. The final design resulted in a dark and disturbing visual aesthetic, which fully expresses the series’ themes of evil and horror. Their entry for the Advertisement Annual 2020 provides shock value and a captivating contribution to art influenced by the horror genre.

The Designory, a marketing agency based in California, submitted a video for their entry for the Advertising Annual 2020. Tasked with creating a brand platform for Infiniti USA, the client wanted The Designory to demonstrate that luxury can be in sync with real life. Entitled “Infiniti Styling Accessories Video” (above), the agency utilized artfully shot in stills, which would capture the real-world moments when accessories make a difference. They also approached the concept of the video with a ‘reportage’ style, paying attention to the subtle cues of real life. For their latest entry, The Designory combines technology and creative videography, with authenticity in mind.

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