Packaging: New Entries from The Creative Union and PepsiCo Design & Innovation for Packaging 10

One of our latest entries for the Packaging 10 competition was submitted all the way from Qatar, in the Middle East. The Creative Union, a studio specializing in branding and design, was approached by a local entrepreneur to reinvent his premium dates into a top seller for consumers. The studio provided the name of the product, along with branding, packaging, and design for the client. Though palm dates are popular in Qatari culture, there were no clear brand leaders in the market until The Creative Union helped develop Qinwan Premium Dates.

Entitled “Qinwan Premium Dates – Souvenir Packaging” (above), The Creative Union utilize memorable illustrations and an element of storytelling to appeal to a wide range of consumers. By combining traditional imagery and new trends, every Qinwan box tells a different story. Since their launch in 2016, the success of the product has grown rapidly and the client has credited The Creative Union for the incredible transformation and direction of the product. With their entry, they showcase scenes and images from the local culture in a vibrant and modern way.

From the U.S., PepsiCo Design & Innovation returns with another entry for Packaging 10, celebrating individuality and non-conformity. Entitled “7UP Vintage Pack 2018” (above), the firm was tasked with extending 7UP’s quirky legacy. The vintage cans were created in collaboration with artists worldwide, with each piece of artwork embracing the people, culture, and aesthetic of 7UP over the decades. By providing a reference to the brand’s history, PepsiCo’s design firm was able to develop a compelling and engaging platform for the brand to tell a unique 7UP story.

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