Japanese Wine and Bringing Patterns to Life: Packaging 10 Entries

One of the primary strategic marketing focuses for any product is it’s packaging design. From form and structure to materials, imagery, and typography, attractive and aesthetically aligned design earns much sought after attention for brands whether on the shelf or online.

In the Packaging 10 entry from Terashima Design Co. (Japan), designer Masayuki Terashima applied his elegant minimalistic style for client Sapporo Shusei Kogyo’s Konayuki “Plum Wine” (above). Inspired by the shape and sheen of plums, he randomly placed illustrated bubble-like plum stickers on the front of the semi-translucent glass of the wine bottles, giving an illusion of the fruit swimming inside. The playful design is meant to represent the delicious sweet flavor and fun to be had when enjoying the beverage. In their refreshing approach, Terashima’s design stands out on the shelves from rectangular wine labels. 

The “HM Fashion Packaging” (above), created by SVIDesign for their client client Hayley Menzies, creates a lovely pattern by combining two different types of patterns: bright, embrodiray-like flowers and graphic black and white lines. A driving force behind the design was capturing the brand’s rebellious yet elegant aesthetic. “The central approach was juxtaposing the contrast of the bold geometric patterns and feminine, organic floral forms,” wrote SVIDesign in their approach statement. “Equally, the colors followed the same principles – black and white against playful multicolored patterns.” The design team at SVI utilized the same principles of applying the color palettes, patterns, and shapes to the various designs in the packaging to provide variety in the overall look for the client. 

The final Packaging 10 deadline is midnight tonight, so submit any last minute entries at graphis.com!

Author: Graphis