Nudes: Entries from Dylan H. Brown & Howard Rosenberg

The above photograph of a nude model against a beautiful southwestern landscape was shot by Photographer Dylan H. Brown of Carbondale, Colorado. Brown, who has explored the American southwest, loves the “Impermanent Beauty” that [he has] begun to explore deeper, not just with landscape photography, but with other impermanent beauties, human figures.”

An excerpt from Dylan H. Brown’s journey: “Early on I found fulfillment in extreme sports. Pursuing any and all excuses to get out and explore. I still have that same passion for the outdoors, especially mountain biking and skiing, but after six years in the newspaper industry, my focus turned to the under-represented, undiscovered people and places of the world.”


The intriguing black and white nude portrait and the forward-facing nude portrait above were shot by Howard Rosenberg of Los Angeles, CA as personal projects. Rosenberg, who has been a photographer for over 60 years, shoots stunning photographs in a variety of categories.
Author: Graphis