New Talent: Winning Work in Advertising Deploys Powerful Messaging

Advertising students who participated in New Talent Annual 2019 made use of strong messaging within their campaigns.

There were many impressive submissions to the advertising category in this year’s New Talent Annual competition. Many students took this opportunity to show off their ability to sell a product while some used their skill to start a conversation about social issues.
Platinum winner and Syracuse University student Zhixin Fan (under the direction of Professor Mel While) created “FUJIFILM Instax: Catch the Moment” (ABOVE). The main selling point for the camera is its ability to capture a moment and print a photo instantly. Fan decided to take this a step further and highlight moments in life that are particularly fleeting or that may occur just once in a lifetime. Whether it is a whale emerging from the sea or a butterfly freeing itself from its cocoon, this ad campaign brings the passage of time to the viewer’s mind. With such a sensitive and emotional topic ingrained in the images, associations are quickly created between savoring time and the Instax camera.

Another powerful advertising campaign from New Talent Annual 2019 was Gold winner “Ban Assault Weapons” (ABOVE) by School of Visual Arts students Tamara Yakov, Sujin Lim, and Gaeun Oh. They decided to tackle the issue of gun control, directing people to a website that encourages the banning of assault weapons. The combination of strong visuals and copy make the ad memorable and impactful, leaving the viewer to wonder why assault weapons would ever need to be obtained by the general public. It is this sort of out of the box thinking that is required in advertising.
We see bright futures ahead for the advertising students who participated in the New Talent Annual 2019 competition!

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