New Talent: San Francisco’s The Academy of Art University See a Tale of Two Cities

The San Francisco-based institution continues to create wondrous works that would make most brand experts jealous

Professor Thomas McNulty and student Silvia Abruzzese’s fictional work for Temescal Brewery (ABOVE) is a testament to the weird, the bizarre, and the adoring. The whimsical packaging design and light-hearted approach is one that points to the sentimentality that San Francisco so inherently possesses. Indeed, the primary colors of Silicon Valley once again shine through, with green, yellow, blue, red, and more becoming a staple of brand identity in the Bay Area, tech-heavy locale.

On the other side of the bright, floral, and inviting designs of McNulty and Abruzzese is the dark and twisted noir-inspired work from Professor Hunter Wimmer and Student Raymond Monsada. Seemingly inspired by such films as The Zodiac and Dirty Harry, Methods of Madness (ABOVE) these designers envision the Golden State not as a ray of sunshine but instead as a chiaroscuro-led environment that is nothing but dark shadows and even darker characters. In any case,Wimmer and Monsada have outdone themselves in creating a world-within-a-world via their fictional game.
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Author: Graphis