Photo: Parish Kohanim and Patrick Molnar of Georgia, USA are Creative Powerhouses

The southern Photographers know how to make the real look unreal

How does one make the banal look extraordinary? Does it begin with makeup, lighting, or perspective? Perhaps it’s done in touch-up or post-production? It’s hard to say, but there seems to be some sort of method as these photographers have certainly pushed the boundaries of the ordinary into the stratosphere of elegance.
Parish Kohanim’s Eyes Open/Closed (ABOVE) is a testament to the photographer’s continued passion to highlight the composed beauty that can be manipulated from ordinary ideas. While the photo is beautifully retouched and expertly lit and colored, Kohanim is nonetheless elevating the common portrait into new heights of artistic incredulity. It is simply a wondrous work.
Fellow Georgian Patrick Molnar’s work for the US Air Force, entitled F22 Raptor (ABOVE) is an eye-catching advertisement that speaks to the larger-than-life ferocity of the fighter jet. With an imposing view and sharp, mesmerizing contours, Molnar is pointing the ingenuity and overpowering look of the aircraft itself. It’s an overwhelming look, one that needs no retouching or additions as the technology speaks for itself.
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Author: Graphis