New Talent: Prof. Kevin Brainard of SVA in the USA and others Reimagine Branding

Talents from all around the world bring in their very best for this week’s branding spotlight

Recreating a brand can be a designer’s dream. It gives them the opportunity to reimagine a grounded perception, to undo, reconfigure, and construct a wholly new perspective that the public eye has seldom seen or imagined. It tests the designer’s eye and their skills, while providing them with an opportunity to grow as an artist. And what better way to do that than to dabble in rebranding?
Professor Kevin Brainard of the School of Visual Arts helps student Qiushuo Li elevate the brand of the Fisher Wave Surfing Club (ABOVE) while Lebanese American University student Sara Nassar goes it alone to create a brand for a street art gallery in the coastal town of Batroun, Lebanon in this week’s new talent feature. Both feature arresting design habits that are indicative of the locale that they are in. In the case of Professor Brainard and student Li’s work on Fisher Wave Surfing Club, the gold-winning work for the Australian-based surf club “retains the feeling of the sea” by “reconstructing [the letters] into the shape of the wave.” It’s both unique and tantalizing in its presentation.

Lebanese American University student Sara Nassar‘s branding work entitled Balon, (ABOVE) is arguably an even more impressive feat in part because Nassar has seemingly created this brand all on her own. Wanting to reimagine the “derelict buildings left uninhabited and neglected for financial or political reasons in post-war Lebanon,” Nassar has used a graffiti-inspired aesthetic to repurpose the area’s devastation into a cultural hub.
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