Advertising: US-based Aaron Fisher and Joe Scalo Create Poise-Driven Campaigns

Aaron Fisher of CP+B and Joe Scalo of McCann present their advertising skills in full with their adept art direction

Finding the right voice for an advertising campaign is never easy. It takes time and the right kind of eye to break down the client’s brand and create a coherent and enticing advertisement. Whether it’s a video or a series of posters, every kind of advertising job is as personal as the last. And both Aaron Fisher‘s work for Ice Breakers and Joe Scalo‘s for Lockheed Martin certainly exemplifies that mentality.
Joe Scalo‘s gold-winning campaign for Lockheed Martin (ABOVE), entitled Engineering a Better Tomorrow, aims to take the defense and aerospace contractor out of the 20th century Cold War public perceptions and bring it into the present day as a “global leader in technology and innovation.” Showing off their formidable fighter jets, war boats, and even future colonization of Mars, Scalo has managed to showcase Lockheed Martin’s brazen confidence and innovative approach.

Aaron Fisher‘s approach to his Ice Breakers work is understandably more whimsical. Using a centralized mascot , Fisher’s Ice Breakers Breakthrough campaign (ABOVE) incorporates a unicorn as the physical embodiment of the gum. It’s strange, bizarre and yet funny and alluring. It’s this exact approach that allows the gum to be a product that consumers realize is trivial and yet beguiling.
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