New Talent: Hank Richardson & more from Portfolio Center

The above product was designed by student Danner Washburn as part of an assignment to design a chair based off a design movement and personal story. Having been assigned the “Psychedelic design movement,” he became “inspired by the individuality of the Psychedelic design movement and my belief that, respectively, people should feel free to be themselves. By eliminating a specific sitting location, users of this chair are given the opportunity to sit, recline, or rest where they feel is proper in that moment.”

The restaurant branding above was entered to the current competition by Sarah Asip under the direction of Professor Amanda Brennan, who needed to create a concept and brand for a fictional restaurant. Her unique idea, “located in a restored boxing gym in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Le Punch is a spunky, colorful celebration of the French-colonial influence on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. A family-owned bar and kitchen, Le Punch offers an affordable, fresh, and fun experience of French-Vietnamese street food.”

There isn’t much time left to submit to the New Talent Annual 2018 competition! Enter your work before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis