Photo: Robert Tardio, Marcin Muchalski & more from NY

The beautiful still life photograph of the roses above was taken by Photographer Robert Tardio with the help of his assistant, Emily Dryden. The photo is part of a Gold Award-winning series meant to “depict moments from an elegant evening soiree.”

The image beside it (right) is a Platinum Award-winning portrait from Photography Annual 2015 shot by Marcin Muchalski with the help of assistant Sabrina Vertzman. Part of a new talent test shoot for modeling agency Major Models, the model was dressed as a 1920s flapper to be reminiscent of the time period.

The image above, shot by Zoe Adlersberg with a Canon 5d for Earnshaw’s Magazine, the editorial piece is part of a “children’s fashion feature showcasing colorful footwear.”

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Author: Graphis