New Talent Entries from ArtCenter College and University of Cincinnati

When hearing the brand name “Sunkist,” one usually thinks of oranges and juice, but as ArtCenter College student Jack Moore’s rebranding project shows, the citrus company is so much more than just a breakfast beverage. 

Under professors James Chu and Gerardo Herrara, Moore’s project, “Sunkist Rebrand” (above), brings a fresh logo to the company as well as an effective new product design that shines a light on the small farms at the heart of the business. Moore’s eye-catching alcoholic packaging designs show the great versatility of Sunkist’s brand in bright, attractive ways. 

The latest entries to our New Talent Competition comes from the University of Cincinnati. With the guidance of Professor Renee Seward, student Stephanie Krekeler presents “Youths Take a Stand” (above). Krekeler uses typography in this assignment to create a series of posters that instill a powerful message through the use of mixed media.

The series of three posters illuminates three different protests in history. Krekeler makes use of various symbols, such as dollar and inequality signs, in her typography edits. Each symbol is a unique signifier meant to represent the purposes behind each of the historical marches.

Our New Talent Annual 2021 Competition ended on October 20th, 2020. Visit here to view all of the entries.

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