Highlighting Underline Studios, Featured in Journal #367

Underline Studios is a strategic branding and design agency founded in 2005 by Claire Dawson and Fidel Peña. The studio consists of a large number of people, including a creative team of designers, brand strategists, writers, production artists, project managers, web developers, videographers, and motion design partners. Underline Studios highlights the thoughtfulness that goes into their work through collaboration and engaged leaders; they note that their team has global perspectives, solid values, and a passion for getting it right. 

Their work intends to drive new business towards their clients. Their goals for every project that they start are to draw attention to and deepen the brand understanding for the consumer. Underline wants their clients’ brands to have a strong support base of people who go to their products first. Additionally, they pride themselves on the level of communication they bring to the table with their clients: listening, asking questions, identifying problems, and exploring ideas. They want to help transform strategy into creative execution. 

An excellent example of Underline’s views on how they work with their clients is their (above) “Halo Brewery Packaging.” This packaging design is bright, unique, and eye-catching; no other brewery would have a label design like this. This packaging design reflects the values of Halo themselves in that the brewery is adventurous, taking the traditional recipes of rare styles of beer and experimenting with the ingredients. An unconventional brand like Halo needed an unconventional packaging design that only Underline could deliver. 

Here is a sneak peek of the Q&A with the Creative Team from Underline Studios featured in Journal #367

What is your work philosophy?

Claire Dawson: It’s not a philosophy per se, but there are some tenets we follow: Work hard. Be thoughtful. Have fun.

What do you value most?

Doing beautiful work that conveys challenging or important questions at the same time. Also, family and community.

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