New Talent: Art Center College of Design Pumps Out Modernist Works

The Art Center College of Design continuously works to promote the very best in design, branding, and posters

Schools are constantly touting their acceptance rates, incoming freshmen SAT scores, international demographics, and so much more. It’s a dizzying array of nonsensical stats that at the end of the day, don’t really matter. What else matters in these hallways than inspiration, creativity, and drive? That after all is the recipe to great success, not only in the academic world but ultimately, and most importantly, the professional world. And it seems that the students from the Art Center College of Design realize just that.
Professor Carolina Trigo and student Na Yeon Kim’s work, Here (ABOVE), is a mesmerizing way in which to look at airport mundanity. What is typically drab, boring, and aesthetically unnerving, is revitalized by the artist. As they explain, “the project emerged from me feeling isolated from my culture and missing home. “Here,” works through emotional distances and crafts them into temporal manifestations of home.”
The mesmerizing work from Brad Bartlett and his student Brian Liu for New York Asian Film Festival 2018 (ABOVE, LEFT) showcases the brilliant stylization that elevates this film festival to new heights of prestige. The silver-award winning piece is a truly fascinating approach to film presentation, using sharp angles and eye-catching color schemes to showcase the film’s inherent qualities. As Liu explains, he “designed a flexible identity with branded elements that can be applied to multiple media applications in print, digital, spatial and film.”
In an unattributed professorship, student Yi Mao’s work, Rebelle Ré·volution Collection Posters (ABOVE, RIGHT), intermingled the historic elements of the french revolution to the modern day boho-chic antithesis to consumerist behaviors. With the taglines, “this is not a revolution,”
this is not a resistance,” and “this is not an execution,” Mao is pointing to the modernist sentiment that 21st century kids feel today. It’s not about the sacrifice—it’s about the apathy as it relates to sacrifice.
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Author: Graphis