New Sleek Beverage Packaging and Branding from SLATE and PH Studio for Packaging 10!

Designer Brian Steele of SLATE helped the coffee brand Kick-Start revitalize their packaging from a plain black packaging to a modern greyscale in their “Kick-Start Coffee” (above) entry for Packaging 10. While the old black branding stood out initially, that style soon became industry standard. This new palette modernizes the coffee while keeping the feel of the original branding. Brian Steele also runs with the entrepreneur theming and uses it to empower people to ‘Kick-Start’ their own ideas with encouraging statements on the back of the bag.

Another new entry comes from PH Studio from the U.S. that specializes in branding and packaging. Designer Richard Patterson enters the “Enroot Sparkling Cold Brew Tea” (above) that was created for Venice Brands product of the same name. The flavors of the teas have their own corresponding color. The labels each have an image of a tree to link the product with their natural organic ingredients. The product is a homegrown, homemade cold brew tea, and the packaging keeps things simple and personal.

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Author: Graphis

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