Innocean USA and TYW Submit New Ads to the Advertising 2021, Now Extended to August 4th!

Innocean USA enters their fun comic book style ad to the Advertising 2021 competition. This was a collaboration between Marvel and Hyundai for the Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition. Titled “Iron Man” (above), the concept was to upload a frame of the comic a day on their Instagram. When they approached Marvel to get the permission to use Iron Man, Marvel went the extra step and offered to lend their comic illustrators and writers to the project, resulting in an action-packed 9-panel comic. The campaign is fun and the perfect way to reach the niche audience for the Hyundai Kona Iron Man.

Art Director Yiwen Tu of TYW Studio introduces a way to get natural disaster help and information in her entry, “Dorothy Data Advertising” (above). The campaign is meant to advertise the information and resources that Dorothy can provide, she’s the friend that everyone needs. The stats and images encourage homeowners and people in at-risk areas to use Dorothy’s service. The imagery is simple and straight forward with dynamic composition and coloring.

Do your ads have what it takes? Enter them in the Advertising Annual 2021!

Author: Graphis

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