Ad Agency Traction Factory Shares Their Proudest Achievements in Graphis Journal #366

Traction Factory is a Milwaukee-based ad agency that isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and handle tough projects. They do a wide range of print and video ad campaigns in various fields, whether it’s medical, sports, local businesses, corporate, trade shows, and more. They have done work for clients such as Snap-On, Toyota, ALS Association, Lakefront Brewery, among others.

Traction Factory has won multiple Platinum and Gold awards across various Graphis Competitions. Their above work “2 Minutes”, has won Platinum in Type 4, Design Annual and Poster Annual in 2019, and Advertising 2018. Graphis presents this work along with many of their other award-winning works in Journal #366.

Graphis had the honor of interviewing the witty and creative team of designers, creative and art directors including Scott Bucher, President; Steve Drifka, Executive Creative Director; S.J. Barlament, Creative Director, and more. Below are a couple of excerpts from their Q&A:

What makes Traction Factory stand out among your contemporaries?

Scott Bucher, President: “Our people differentiate Traction Factory from others who work in this space. Together, we are a compelling collection of talent and experience and we’re passionate about the work. We share a belief in the value of our purpose. Collectively, we know that real magic happens at the intersection of art and commerce and our confidence in our craft is a product of the business results we deliver to our clients.”

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Steve Drifka, Executive Creative Director: “I did a TV spot that got into Cannes. But I also liked it because of the incredible talk-value and “buzz” it generated for the brand. Also, a viral video for Gatorade (back when people still didn’t know what that even was) that was talked about on everything from ESPN to Good Morning America. The millions of public responses to the video were priceless for the brand. But I try to take that “big idea” mentality into every project I work on, no matter how it’s being displayed to the masses or whether it comes with a massive budget or a tiny one.

Traction Factory’s sense of humor and big ideas have helped them accumulate a loyal client base. Their passion and commitment to the art of advertising has made them an agency to look out for.

Read their full Q&A and see their work in Journal #366 now available for Pre-order!

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