New Inspiring Protest Posters From João Machado, Ryan Russell, Holohan Design, and Mario Fuentes.

For the Graphis Protest Posters 2, Graphis Master João Machado (PT) enters his poster, “Zoo” (above, left). This poster previously won Gold in the Poster Annual 2017. It was created for UNKNOWN Design, an organization committed to environmental issues. The poster fits various animals together like a puzzle, promoting the importance of the protection of species and their environment.

Ryan Russell (US) submits his Gold-winning poster, “National Tragedy” (above, right). This poster speaks against gun violence in the United States. He designed the poster so that it can be viewed from both landscape and print orientation. At landscape orientation, the gun resembles a ‘bang’ flag gun. But at print orientation, the flag is at half-mast in mourning of lives lost to gun violence.

U.S design firm, Holohan Design sheds light on the positive things that have come out of the global pandemic. Kelly Holohan designs her entry, “COVID 19 Silver Linings” (above, left) with a white sunflower as a symbol of hope. On each petal is a positive effect of people spending more time indoors and connecting with each other such as family time, homecooked meals, and fewer carbon emissions. This poster was created for the BDAK Exhibition in Korea.

Last, is a poster with a warning sign advocating for the right to education for all children. Ecuadorian designer, Mario Fuentes, enters “Bad Signs” (above, right) that raises awareness about the number of children around the world, as high as 69 million, that still don’t have access to schooling. Fuentes’ poster won awards in international competitions such as AGDIE in Korea, and the 10th International Poster Triennial in Toyama, Japan

Share your social/political posters in the Protest Poster 2 competition!

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