Advertising Annual 2021: Arsonal and Fox Entertainment Create New TV Series Posters, and Launch Agency Promotes New Volvo!

Mystery sets the tone for this entry from multi-Platinum winner, Arsonal. Their work, “Perry Mason” (above, left), is a poster for the HBO retelling of the old show from the ’60s. The poster sets up the grimy time period of the 1930s and Matthew Rhys, who plays the title character, looks up in a sea of fedoras, establishing the dark, mysterious atmosphere of the show. The poster successfully engaged audience interest and had one of the highest viewerships for an HBO premiering series in two years.

Fox Entertainment puts their foot forward with “Next Key Art” (above, right) created for FOX’s new drama Next. Centering on the theme of artificial intelligence and paranoia, Fox creates an electric poster that uses layered silhouettes in various colors. The key art avoids an overly sci-fi image but instead intrigues viewers into wanting to know more. Fox’s design team has repeatedly kept viewers engaged and has won Platinum and many Gold awards in our annuals.

Consistent Gold-winners, Launch Agency‘s above billboard “Captains” promotes Park Place Dealerships using the Volvo XC90. This new entry establishes what makes the XC90 stand out among other SUVs. The 3-row captain chairs inspire the line, ‘One Ship. Six Captains’ while using an arial cutaway to show consumers the luxurious layout of the car. Billboards require that you stay brief but make an impact. Launch successfully does this by showing off the unique aspect of the car and exactly where buyers can get one.

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Author: Graphis

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