Pavement Designs a Classic Whiskey, and PepsiCo Celebrates Super Bowl Champions, The Patriots.

U.S Agency Pavement has submitted their 5-part series entry “Cooper’s Whiskies” (above) to the Graphis Packaging 10! Pavement is a Graphis Gold-winner that has done various luxurious designs for beverages, snacks, and sauces. This whiskey is a classic in the making for Cooperstown Distillery. Designer Michael Hester captured the brand’s appreciation for American history and craftsmanship. The indigo labels with the styling of the embossed letters give Cooper’s Whiskies a nostalgic edge.

To celebrate the kick-off of the NFL’s 100th season, PepsiCo Design & Innovation put together a special Pepsi can to honor the Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots. “Pepsi Patriots Championship Laces Can” (above) is a series entry featuring the laced cans reminiscent of a football, the Patriots logo proudly emblazoned next to ‘6X champions’, and the hexagonal carton makes a perfect shelf display for collectors. With the use of technology, Pepsi created the can on textured aluminum, to add to the limited edition experience. Each of Pepsi’s limited edition products is unique and make innovations in product designs.

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