New Graphis Packaging 10 Entries from LOVE Creative (UK), and Harcus Design (AU)!

For the Packaging 10 competition, LOVE Creative from the United Kingdom submits their entry titled “The Hipster” (above). Designers Nick Johnson and Paul Shipley wanted to help Scotch drinks appeal to a younger demographic for Diageo India. They shifted the brand image of a liquor seen only for older people with clunky packaging, to a fresh reinvention called ‘The Hipster.’ Instead of being a long clear glass bottle, the bottle has become condensed to flask size and is inspired by the shape of a smartphone. The design became flexible to the needs and wants of a younger demographic, and gives off a light-hearted, portable, and fun atmosphere for the product.

From Australia, Harcus Design, submit their entry titled, “Organic Ligurian Honey” (above). Annette Harcus and Jaime Kim created packaging for Maine Beach, a brand of body care products, who wanted a design that suited their company’s goals of rare ingredients and simplistic choices. The product design includes hexagon-shaped boxes that display the product’s ingredient choices. The use of tactile black gloss highlights and gold foil were incorporated within the imagery, resulting in a luxurious and simplistic presentation. Harcus Design is a consistent Gold & Silver winner in our Graphis Annuals.

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