See Jennifer Morla’s Multidisciplinary Designs Featured in Graphis Journal #363!

American designer Jennifer Morla founded Morla Design in 1984, a design firm that creates print, branding and advertisement designs. Her work can be found in permanent collections in museums such as the MoMA, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. She has had multiple solo exhibitions and has been in various publications worldwide, including Communication Arts (US), IDEA (JP), Novum (DE), and Graphis (US). We had the pleasure of presenting her work and Q&A in our Graphis Journal #363.

Among her work featured in the journal is her Silver-winning design from the Design Annual 2020, “SF Design Week ‘Community’ Poster,” (above, left), which shows unique typography for each letter against a bold yellow, representing the unique parts of a community. Her work, “San Francisco 2012: U.S. Olympic Poster” (above, right), also uses vibrant colors to catch the viewer’s attention.

Morla Design does various types of design work including the above Platinum-winning, “Keller Manni Chocolate Packaging and Identity” (left) from the Design Annual 2019, and the series, “Margaret Jenkins Dance Company Posters” (right). She is a multiple Platinum and Gold awards in our past annuals.

Aside from her impressive work, Jennifer Morla shared valuable experiences and knowledge in her Q&A including what she requires from her clients to do successful work. She relates that a good client tells you the problem, not the solution. The client must be willing to trust your abilities, take risks, and not be held to the cliches of their industry.

She also discussed in her Q&A that rather than having a mentor throughout her career, it was a memorable meeting with graphic designer, Marget Larsen, that influenced her greatly.

Morla Design has done work for Apple, Levi Strauss & Co., Stanford University, New York Times Magazine, and even animation design for MTV. Jennifer Morla’s catalog of work and clients prove how versatile her design prowess is.  

You can see more of Jennifer’s work and learn about her influences and inspirations in Journal #363!

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