Graphis Master Francois Robert Creates Evocative Conceptual Photography

Francois Robert is a self-taught photographer based in the USA originally from La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. He is predominantly known for his commercial work and fine-art photography. Robert’s artistry has allowed him to create provocative personal work and cover a wide range of subjects from nudes, portraits, still lifes and travel photographs, to more conceptual projects.

An example of this can be seen in his 4-part series “Stop the Violence.” In these two above photographs “Atomic bomb” (left), and “Grenade” (right). Both pieces use the aftermath of war (death), in the form of human remains and skulls to create outlines of various weapons and symbols of violence as a warning against them. This series has won Platinum in our Photography Annual 2011, and Gold in our Social/Political Posters competition.

“Lily Pads” (above) is an image that has won the Gold award in our Nudes 5. Being one of 300 in his nude series, it displays Robert’s appreciation for the female body’s aesthetic beauty, sensuality, and mystery. Robert captures the ripples in the pond and small details such as the droplets of water on her face, giving the still image a sense of movement.

Robert has been featured in Graphis magazines, including Issue 335, and 205, and other prestigious publications such as Communication Arts (1988), and The Color of Fashion (1992). He has also done photography books of his own such as Face to Face, Faces, and Crosses, a book published by Graphis. He has worked with high-profile clients including Crate & Barrel, Coca-Cola, BP, and Herman Miller.

His work provokes emotion and stirs the mind despite its simplicity. See more of Francois Robert’s impressive photography in his Graphis Master Portfolio.

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