New Graphis Master: Michael Glenwood!

Our newest Graphis Master, Michael Glenwood (US), is an award-winning freelance illustrator featured in our Graphis Journal #364. His pieces “Harvard University: White Collar Workers’ Fear of Automation” (above, left) and “Unselected Sketch Taken to Final: 3 Book Reviewers Each List 10 Favorite Books” (above, right), were presented in the issue.

Throughout the years, Glenwood has worked for corporations, posters, books, advertising, etc., and has been acknowledged by many distinguished illustration organizations and publications, such as the Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Creative Quarterly, 3×3, American Illustration, and more.

Presented above is Glenwood’s “Museum Piece,” which was featured in the LA Times. In this image, Glenwood combines the modern and the past as the workers replaces classic paintings with newer pieces.

Michael Glenwood enjoys collecting various works that have had an influence on his own, such as woodblock print etchings, mezzotint prints, and vintage posters. He is able to combine these, resulting in his own distinctive, original style.

We are proud to present Michael Glenwood as a Graphis Master. Check out his Graphis Master Portfolio here.

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