Graphis Poster Annual 2021 Entries! Marcos Minini (BR), Sarin Markarian (US), Nicole Elsenbach (DE), and Rasic + Vrabec (HR)

Brazil-based designer, Marcos Minini’s “Shakespeare Series” (above, left), is a 3-part series of promotions for famous Shakespeare plays such as King Lear. As a Graphis Master, he has been a consistent winner in our Design and Poster Annuals, winning Platinum in our Poster Annual 2020. His work is also presented in Graphis Journal #360. Utilizing typography and geometric shapes, Minini’s work successfully creates modern interest for these well-known plays.

USA designer Sarin Markarian of FX Networks, submits the poster “Pose Season 2: Elektra” (above, right) with Icon Arts Creative. Inspired by ‘vogue’ culture in 1990, they chose a simple black and white photo, as opposed to the first colorful Season 1 poster that won Gold in our Poster Annual 2020. This simple choice creates a bold image, being dramatic and impactful without the use of color.

Nicole Elsenbach from Germany, has created an awareness piece; “Celebrate – But Properly!” (above, left). The design features a man throwing up after drinking to discourage alcohol abuse among young people. Elsenbach has won multiple Gold and Silver awards in our Poster Annuals, and has designed this poster for use in schools and youth facilities.

From Croatia, Rasic + Vrabec’s submission, “We Come in Peace” (above, right), was developed by past Poster Annual Silver Winners, Marko Rasic and Vedrana Vrabec for the news portal Vizkultura. Their work takes an excerpt from a speech made by an Indian chief to a US President in 1854 as he was buying Native American land. This image means to highlight the irony of attitudes toward migration in Europe.

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