New Entries to the Graphis Design Annual 2021 from Jan Šabach (US), and Ken-Tsai Lee (TW)!

Graphic designer, Jan Šabach, submits his work, “Book Covers for Petr Šabach’s Novels” (above), to the Design Annual 2021. His 6-part series of redesigns for his father’s novels use bright, distinctive colors, and well-placed typography for each individual cover. Jan Šabach is a consistent Gold winner, and has regularly been presented in Graphis Annuals since 2006. Šabach’s unique design is able to ensure the books stand out on the shelves.

From Taiwan, Ken-Tsai Lee enters his promotional design for the “Type Directors Club Annual Exhibition in Taiwan 2019” (above). In his 7-part series, he creates various materials such as, posters, brochures, pins, etc. He is a long-time participant in our competitions, winning Platinum in the Design Annual 2016, and winning multiple Gold and Silver Awards in our Design, and Poster Annuals. Ken-Tsai Lee is well known for creating impressive visual identities for clients and exhibitions such as the the one above.

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