Graphis Master Doug Johnson’s (US) Illustrations Stand the Test of Time

Doug Johnson, is an American award-winning illustrator who came from Canada and moved to New York in 1968. He started illustrating for companies like Colombia Records, Levi’s, and magazines such as, Life Magazine, Sports illustrated, and Time. Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s, Johnson’s artwork became well known for his airbrush technique and painting style for advertisements, posters, and theater productions.

“Big River” (above, left) was a promotional poster created for the musical of the same name produced by Dodger Productions, a company Johnson co-founded with Michael David, Rocco Landesman, Des McAnuff, Edward Strong and Sherman Warner. Dodger Productions won a Tony for Best Musical for Big River in 1985. Johnson’s art-deco inspired poster “Hollywood: Legend and Reality” (above, right), promoted an exhibit in 1986 that presented interviews, memorabilia, and videos of Hollywood legends of the time.

Above are Graphis Master Posters presenting his album cover art, “Judas Priest: Screaming is Vengeance (above, left), which was featured as the cover for the Graphis Issue #247 in 1987; and his fine art imagery such as the double image (above, right), depicting a team of rowers.

Johnson has won multiple Tony Awards for Broadway productions he was involved in; and from the Society of Illustrators in 1986, he won the prestigious Hamilton King Award for outstanding accomplishments in illustration.

Doug Johnson’s status as a Graphis Master is well-deserved, and his work is still current today. Check out his Graphis Master Portfolio here.

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