Exciting New Entries to our Poster Annual 2021! Hoon-Dong Chung (KR), Mikhail Puzakov (RU), and Erman Yılmaz (TR)

Professor Hoon-Dong Chung’s (KR) entry titled “Moebius T” (above, left), designed for the 2nd Hakka Impression Intl. Poster Exhibition. He utilizes 2D and 3D elements to create a poster that follows the theme ‘Between.’ Professor Chung, a Graphis Master, is a consistent Platinum and Gold Winner in our Annuals.

Designer Mikhail Puzakov’s (RU) entry titled “Tango for St. Valentine” (above, right), uses corrugated paper to develop an image of two dancers to promote an Argentinian chamber concert. The paper resembles a bandoneon, an accordion-like instrument associated with Argentinian music. Previously, Mr. Puzakov won Silver in our Poster Annual 2020. This poster celebrates Argentinian culture.

Designer Erman Yılmaz’s (TR) submission above is titled “Osmanli Topraklarinda Yasamlar Ve Matbaalar Anton Zellic Ve Henry Cayol.” His typographic work also won him Gold in the Poster Annual 2020. This unique work from Yılmaz effectively makes the viewer’s eyes wander around his poster, keeping them engaged.

We welcome your submissions to the Poster Annual 2021!

Author: Graphis

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