Andrzej Pągowski Brings Attention to Australia Wildfires, Plus Award-Winning Works from Onur Aşkın and João Machado.

For the Poster Annual 2020, designer Onur Aşkın (TU) won Silver for his entry “Temperature Increase” (above, left). The poster depicts a fish thermometer with a caption: “The temperature increase destroys the marine life and sustainable future.” This image portrays the rising temperatures in the ocean, and how it threatens marine life and kills fish. Onur Aşkın shows that careful attention is needed to find solutions to save not just marine life, but ourselves.

Graphis Master João Machado (PT) submitted his Platinum award-winning entry, titled “Save the Life” (above, right). This poster calls attention to preserving forests. Depicted are two trees: one falling onto another, the red leaves, symbolizing fire. João Machado emphasizes the importance of caring for the land around us, and how vital preservation is to the balance of the planet.

The latest entry to the Poster Annual 2021 comes from Andrzej Pągowski (PO) of design firm Kreacja Pro. Entitled, “Australia Burning” (above), this poster depicts a kangaroo with its tail on fire. The caption says: “AUSTRALIA — this FUSE is already BURNING.” In Australia, forest fires are raging; they’re destroying homes, causing long-term damage to various ecosystems, and killing over 1 billion animals. Andrzej Pągowski creates a relevant poster that raises awareness.

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