New Graphis Design Annual 2021 Entries from Gottschalk + Ash (CH) and Brand Directors (KR)!

Jaqueline John and Sascha Lötscher of Gottschalk+Ash Int’l from Switzerland have submitted their work “Exekias, Painted and Made Me” (above) to the Design Annual 2021. G+A’s task was to design all visual communications for an exhibition on Exekias at the Archeological Collection in Zurich. Exekias was a painter from Athens 550 B.C who signed their work as “Exekias painted and made me” hence the title of the exhibit and book. Exekias’s name is placed around the round spine to express the three-dimensionality of his work and the vase on the cover is fragmented to express the duality of Exekias as a potter and painter. Gottschalk +Ash are among our consistent Graphis Gold and Silver winners doing museum and editorial work among many other disciplines.

Designer Jinsoo Jeon of South Korean design firm, Brand Directors, enters the above branding identity for a creative art academy, “Artground.” Established for children, Artground focuses on keeping children smiling through the four areas of art: classical music, fine arts, modern dance, and flower art. The typography logo was designed with the motif of a play area track and represents the “art playground” that children experience at the academy, along with imagery that represents the different activities such as a flower, and a music note. Brand Directors previously won Gold and Platinum in the Advertising Annual 2019.

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