Modern Liquor Meets its Contemporary Chocolate Match: Two New Packaging 10 Entries

Indulge yourself with these delectable new Packaging 10 entries. Whether you fancy a smooth, premium cocktail, or a delicious dessert, these three designers create packaging as beautiful as their products are tasty. 

American designer Teddy Kurniawan skillfully reimagines what packaging can achieve for premium liquor brands. Working with the California agency CF Napa Brand Design (a worldwide leader in alcohol beverage branding), Kurniawan’s entry “Modern Love” (above) color codes all three of the spirits sold by The Palm Springs Spirits Co.’s latest Modern Love label. CF Napa Brand Design was tasked to create a bottle elegant enough to indicate the product’s timelessness while also maintaining a sense of modernity. As such, Kurniawan created a contemporary design to match what The Palm Springs Spirits Co. calls “modern American vodka” and “modern American gin.” The simple yet gorgeous typeface, paired with delicate gold leaf on the neck of the bottle and throughout the label’s patterning, creates a distinctive look for the emerging company. The label’s spherical pattern mimics the sun logo on the bottle’s neck, making this packaging truly encapsulate The Palm Springs Spirits Co.’s motto “desert elegance, bottled.” 

American designers Jim Harper and Kevin Willingham were tasked with rebranding Saddleback Chocolates’ KIZMET chocolate bars. Working under the agency TOKY (an award-winning studio with three locations nationwide), Harper and Willingham’s entry “KIZMET” (above) puts Hershey bars to shame. As artisanal chocolate with unique flavors and infused with CBD, KIZMET revolutionizes the ordinary chocolate bar. This packaging cleverly utilizes old-school candy stripes to show this chocolate doesn’t forget what it is, but the tiny gold marijuana leaf at the top of the box with the slogan “Chocolate Meets CBD” helps modernizes the delicacy. This chocolate bar serves as a treat as well as a staple of contemporary wellness, and the minimalist and refined packaging does everything to indicate such a revolutionized snack appealing to its consumers. With four different flavors, which will you try first?

Our Packaging 10 Competition closes February 9, so submit your entry today before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis

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