Multimedia Madness: 4 New Poster Annual 2022 Entries

What’s your favorite way to hear a story? These four Poster Annual 2022 entries highlight the latest forms of storytelling in film, music, and theater!

Swiss designer and Graphis Master Stephan Bundi has designed pieces for a wide range of clients, including museums, theatres, and publishers. His style of mixing his own unique design with traditional Swiss design techniques truly makes his work remarkable. His poster “Die Panne” (above, left) was made with design firm Atelier Bundi AG to promote the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn and their adaptation of Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s novel A Dangerous Game, originally titled Die Panne. Dürrenmatt’s novel tells the nightmarish story of Alfredo Traps, a sales representative whose car breaks down and who finds himself eating dinner with a retired judge. Bundi’s poster utilizes a black silhouette that’s quite literally trapped, playing off the protagonist’s name and the harrowing situation he finds himself in. Bundi’s poster creates an ominous feeling through his use of primary colors and simplicity, perfectly setting the stage for the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn’s upcoming performances.

American designer Viktor Koen received his MFA at the School of Visual Arts in 1992. Since then, his images have regularly been featured in major publications such as The New York Times, Time, Rolling Stone, and Esquire. Koen’s entry “Fellini Exhibition” (above, right), created under Attic Child Press, is a testament to Koen’s skill and dedication to his craft. The poster is for the Fellini Project, an invitational exhibition to honor and celebrate the centenary of Italian film director Federico Fellini’s birth and the impact his career has had on film and visual culture. This poster features a partial profile of Fellini with his head transforming into a movie camera, the reels spilling out behind him. A block letter “F” is overlaid, alluding to his initials and their alliteration. Most notably, Koen makes Fellini’s eyes the lenses of the camera, indicating his talent as a visionary. 

Renée Windman is an award-winning art director and designer. Her poster “Beyond Barriers” (above, left) promotes Alpha Films’ recent movie which originally premiered at the 2019 Cannes Short Film Festival. Windman’s poster is simple, yet the fading of the wall symbolically references the title of the movie and the breaking down of walls, both metaphorical and literal, pertaining to immigration between the US and Mexico. Windman successfully creates a cohesive yet minimalist poster that emphasizes the need for hope.

This last entry is from Portuguese designers Jorge Araújo and Ana Mota with ¼ studio based in Porto, Portugal. Araújo and Mota founded this studio in 2019 and specialize in brand identity and typography, among other specific design forms. Their main concern, however, is with how language is made visible. Additionally, they say: “Every project is always somewhere between craft and technology, analogue and digital, rationality and intuition, order and chaos.” Their poster, titled “Time for T Concert Poster” (above, right), speaks to this specialization of word and image. This piece features a large, ombre octopus tentacle that mimics a saxophone, matching the unique music of Time for T’s bands. Wrapped around this tentacle are the concert’s logistics in different shades of orange and purple. 

Our Poster Annual 2022 closes February 15th, so submit your entries today! And to check out more entries, click here

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