From Luxury Living to Furry Friends: New Design Annual 2022 Entries!

What’s better than beautiful architecture and pets? How about two new Design Annual 2022 entries! 

Designers Toshiaki and Hisa Ide founded and represent IF Studio, an NYC-based brand strategy and graphic design agency. Their extensive services include print and digital design, video content creation, and brand identity, among many others. Toshiaki and Hisa are currently Graphis Masters, having received twelve Platinum and eighteen Gold Awards. Their entry “277 Fifth Brochure” (above) is yet another example of their exceptional design skills IF Studio’s unique designs and their ability to uniquely and effectively tell stories. This brochure features elegant and lavish photography of what life in the 277 Fifth Avenue Luxury Condos in NoMad could look like for potential buyers. The use of both black and white as well as color photography indicates these condos’ combination of old-school architecture with modern interior design, creating a luxurious and sophisticated living environment. What stands out the most is Toshiaki and Hisa Ide’s ability to capture intimate moments of their subject on camera while maintaining a level of sophistication. The brochure’s minimalist layout and dynamic photography pair well together, indicating a sense of connectivity that interior designer Jeffrey Beers wanted: “I wanted to be respectful of the building and design the interiors in a way that conveys warmth like I would my own home.”

Photo illustrator Julia Spell and art director Ben Greengrass work for ThoughtMatter, an agency composed of different designers and strategists dedicated to creating systems for more effective storytelling. Their clients come from a broad range of different backgrounds, including the arts, commercial businesses, and even different sectors of the health industry. Their website homepage proudly proclaims “Work worth doing. We help people who stand up, stand out.” This entry, titled “Witzig” (above), is no exception. Commissioned for Kinship Labs, a company dedicated to transforming technologies for pet care, this branding focuses on dachshunds in particular. Witzig is a community for dachshund owners where they can connect with other wiener dog lovers and purchase products designed for this small dog’s particular needs in mind. ThoughtMatter explains that the company’s name, “Witzig”, comes from the German word for witty, an ode to the dachshund’s intellect. The descender of the “G” in Witzig smartly represents the dog’s unmistakable silhouette, allowing this shape to be featured on all different forms of merchandise and in branding. Their use of bright and vibrant colors also mimics the uniqueness of this dog, creating branding that blows all other dog breeds out of the water!

Our Design Annual 2022 Competition is going on now and is open until March 2nd. Submit your entries here before it ends!

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