Daring Together: Advertising Agency Rodgers Townsend DDB Featured in Journal #364

The American marketing communications agency Rodgers Townsend DDB, located in St. Louis, MO, was founded by Tim Rodgers and Tom Townsend in 1996. The group was acquired by Omnigroup Inc. in 2006 and is currently a part of DDB Worldwide, a global marketing communications network. Current clients of Rodgers Townsend include AT&T, Enterprise Holdings, St. Louis University, and The Hartford, among many others. Rodgers Townsend’s foundation is the belief that growth is based on creativity, and their mission statement says the agency relies on what they call daring together: “So, in every strategy brief lies a Dare. A what if that invites you to conspire with us — to create work to Delight any and all who meet it in an increasingly shareable world. We promise to challenge what’s expected, demand better than best practice, and execute brand-building ideas to supercharge growth.” This unique approach to advertising lets Rodgers Townsend push the boundaries of creative strategizing. 

Featured in Journal #364, Rodgers Townsend “has continued to dare and delight us with their ability to develop unique identities for our consumer brands and deliver compelling stories to our consumers.” The pieces “All the World’s a Song” (above, left) and “Always in Season” (above right), as well as “Season 39” (below), all show off their storytelling ability. Additionally, these three campaigns demonstrate their diversity in both clientele and delivery. 

Check out a short Q&A featured in Journal #364 with several art, design, and creative directors from Rodgers Townsend: 

What aspect of your work do you find the most fulfilling (brand identity, design, marketing, etc.)?

J. Chambers, Creative Director: I love the back and forth with my partner. There’s nothing quite like building an idea from the ground up, watching it take shape and become something new and fresh and wonderful.

Katie Meers, Senior Art Director: I’m a designer/art director at heart, but I am thrilled when new opportunities arise that aren’t necessarily in my comfort zone. It’s equal parts scary and exciting, but there’s always something to be learned and gained throughout the process.

Kris Wright, Design Director: I enjoy working on different aspects, but the most fulfilling is seeing things you’ve worked so hard on actually get produced.

Ross Bradley, Creative Director: I find it most fulfilling when we build campaigns that stick. Some ideas are broad yet simple enough to form the foundation for years of work. When you hit one of those, that’s really a great feeling.

What prompted the agency to choose “Together We Dare” as your slogan?

JC: Well, I didn’t write it. But it’s really an invitation to our clients to collaborate and be bold.

KW: Dare + Delight (Happiness outside of your comfort zone.)

MM: Every creative company has something to live up to. Words to give them bravery, encourage disruption, or remind them to fail harder. We’re a boutique in the belly of the beast. So we embrace the underdog role, we stick together and we never let small budgets be an excuse for small ideas.

RB: We have a slogan? We should trademark that.

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