Mann Lao and Nono Leong of Chiii Design Featured in Graphis Journal #363!

The Graphis Journal prides itself on being able to feature some of the best established and young talents in the art & design industry. Chiii Design from Macao is one of those emerging design firms that explore cultural poster design in creative ways. They specialize in branding design including posters, identity, and packaging. Their above promotional poster designed by Nono Leong, “21st Macao Arts Festival,” won a Platinum Award in the Poster Annual 2018.

Chiii Design’s work is prominently featured in the Journal along with a valuable Q&A from both Creative director Mann Lao, and Art Director Nono Leong. They are also founders of the firm with a vision to integrate culture and arts with commercial branding, and boast working for 30 cities in 10 countries.

The two creatives have established their desire to promote design above all else, and don’t seem to worry too much about uncertainties. In their Q&A, Mann Lao had expressed that things will never go how you expect them to go. That’s why when he thinks about the future of Chiii Design, he looks forward to the challenges that life will throw at them.

Both Mann Lao and Nono Leong relate that determination and communication are important elements when working with clients. Trust is an important ingredient for any designer who wants to do exceptional work for a client.

Chiii Design has done work for clients worldwide including the United States, Japan, Switzerland, and more, and are winners of 2 Platinum and 2 Gold award.

You can check out their Q&A and more in Journal #363!

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