Advertising 2021 Competition Open! Platinum Entry from Silver Cuellar and New Entry from Cesar Rivera

The Graphis Advertising Annual 2021 Competition is underway! Every year we receive fantastic entries and award some of the best talents in advertising development. Last year, for the Advertising 2020 competition, art director Silver Cuellar won Platinum for his recruitment image, “Pride Banner” (above).

Made for the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department’s procession during the LGBT Pride Parade in 2018, the banner displays multiple fire extinguishers in the familiar rainbow associated with LGBT rights. The banner was displayed during the parade to increase recruitment among the LGBT community and show that the Atlanta Fire Department will not turn someone away because of their sexuality. The image is simple but gets the message across.

For this year’s competition, Advertising Annual 2021,  Emerge: Rise and Shine by creative director Cesar Rivera, is a design that promotes the Sam Houston State University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). It is a five-year initiative to increase success and degree completion within the school. The ad campaign aims to raise awareness of their mission to people of many demographics within the school’s institution through multiple media channels.

Elements such as geometric patterns, along with the use of large graphics and bright color saturation, allow the ad to be seen in a variety of locations around campus. When displayed in windows of the buildings, the gradient/text and imagery “emerge” out of the windows.

The Advertising Annual 2021 is accepting new entries! Submit your best work and see how you measure up HERE by June 2nd, 2020.

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