New Branding Entry from Matchstic (US) and a Clever Bottle Design from Wallace Church & Co. (US)

For the Design Annual 2021, designer Todd Durkee of design firm Matchstic enters the above branding campaign titled “Cognia.” In their 7-part series, they aimed to create a name and identity for the merger of AdvancED, an accreditation nonprofit, and Measured Progress, a student assessment provider. They came up with the name Cognia, which comes from the Latin word for knowledge. They make creative use of the letter “C” resembling a rotating dial. This signature symbol is included in the logo of the company and on notebooks, water bottles, and more. The branding allows the design to feel professional and forward-thinking. Matchstic is a multiple Gold & Silver winner from our Branding and Design Annuals.

Designer Stan Church and illustrator Rich Rickaby of Wallace Church & Co. have submitted their work, “Ones In a Blue Moon,” (above). Wallace Church & Co. enjoys bringing familiar phrases to life, and in this case, they do this with the phrase: ‘once in a blue moon.’ Rickaby’s illustrations successfully bring the words to life with an image of a sleepy, blue moon full of various number ones. The dark bottle allows the bright blue and yellow of the illustration to stand out, crafting a unique and fun image. The title, accompanied by the design, emphasizes that this wine bottle is for those special and rare occasions.

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