Look to the Stars + Bridge Trilogy Books: New Talent 2022 Winners

The New Talent competition, being full of student entries, provides us with a glimpse of the future of design. These particular entries – a brand identity for an observatory and a book jacket design for a dystopian novel series – take a look at the future of humanity as well.

Southern California-based institute “Mount Wilson Observatory” (above) observes the universe, preserves astronomical history, and develops education and public engagement programs for the arts and sciences. ArtCenter College of Design student Gwen Geng constructs a comprehensive new brand identity for the observatory that references its astronomical legacy while propelling it toward a bright scientific future.

Geng’s design includes posters, stationery, advertising materials, signage, a website, and an app, each with a unique font and each building toward a unified overall identity. Geng combines aspects from physics and astronomy – especially relating to the physics of light and the way it travels through our universe – with a classic feel inspired by designs from the early periods of space exploration. Everything comes together for a dynamic, Platinum-winning final result and a worthy tribute to Mount Wilson Observatory’s contributions to astronomical study.

California State University – Fullerton student Alan R. Paz submitted this series of book jacket designs (above) for William Gibson’s dystopian fiction series, the Bridge Trilogy. The series envisions a future San Francisco where the rich have turned the city into one large, gated community, while the homeless have occupied the Golden Gate Bridge (hence the name).

Each of Paz’s covers highlights an object key to the plot of the books; a knife for book one, a pair of sunglasses for book two, and the Japanese spelling of the title in katakana for book three. Paz primarily uses textured, white paper with die cuts to show the imagery, made of printed circuit boards (PCBs), underneath. These designs stand out on their own, each with its own distinct elements, but the covers also come together to form a more complete, unified identity. All in all, Paz intertwines elements of Gibson’s narrative with unique material choices for a series of jacket designs that more than encapsulate the Bridge Trilogy’s intriguing story.

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Author: Graphis