Logo/Letterhead: Kenn Fine, North Bryan & more international work

ABOVE: FINE (San Francisco, California) for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants | Creative Director: Kenn Fine | Project Director: Devon Neves | Designer: North Bryan


“ASSIGNMENT The Hotel Monaco is a “brand within a brand” with multiple properties that have a common thread but richly diverse identities that evoke their locales, while also existing alongside all the properties in the Kimpton Hotels brand portfolio. A careful brand architecture and identity pays off in a letterhead system that clarifies how it all fits and differentiates.

APPROACH Each Hotel Monaco is recognizably a Hotel Monaco, yet distinctly its own space. This required a dynamic stationery and letterhead system that creates a consistent structure compositionally but that can be accessorized and enhanced with each location’s brand accoutrements. A core diamond motif echoes passport stamps or steamer trunk decals and delivers the name and location clearly while anchoring the brand. A cast of characters and elements surround the diamonds to create distinction between hotels with flora and fauna like tropical foliage-engulfed parrots, bamboo forest cranes, wrought iron cigar-smoking monkeys, and stone lions. Each property also has a distinct color and pattern that differentiates while retaining structural similarity.

RESULTS The letterhead and business forms anchor the brand collateral system, giving each Hotel Monaco its own identity without sacrificing consumer and business perception that they are all part of a larger brand family.”


ABOVE: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan) for Sansui | Director: Regina W.Y. Wang | Designers: Ning Lui and Ching Lui | MERIT AWARD


“ASSIGNMENT Sansui is a small landscape design company in Taiwan. The assignment was to expressed the concept of “RESPECT FOR THE LAND”.

APPROACH We use the traditional Chinese graphics to arouse people respect for land. The way is more kind and more nature.

RESULTS The works is suit for the clients needs.”


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