Branding7: Tiny Hunter & more from Australia!

ABOVE: Tiny Hunter (Sydney, Australia) for Aura-Soma | Creative Director: Emma Scott | Marketing: Jo Gossage | Designer: Jen Mellander | Copywriter: Giullana de Felice


“Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant, and crystal energies that enhances happiness and vitality. Established more than 35 years ago it has achieved great success with distribution in more than 50 countries and a loyal consumer base. However the company’s overarching mission of making it available to all those who truly seek it drove them to push themselves further and ask ‘How do we ensure relevance in the fast-evolving world of wellbeing?’

APPROACH Tiny Hunter was chosen by Aura-Soma to define a new brand strategy that could be executed across all facets of the business; teaching, distribution, consultations and the products themselves. Once established, the strategy was realised through brand identity, employer branding, website, marketing and communications. A contemporary and accessible brand was essential to ensure the new target audiences opening up within the fast-evolving world of wellbeing were able to connect with Aura-Soma on their quest for self actualisation. Clear communication of the new brand and the drivers behind it was essential across the Aura-Soma network to manage the transformation with their already loyal advocates.

RESULTS Tiny Hunter attended various global conferences to present the new brand to the Aura-Soma community. This resulted in high praise from across the network and most importantly ensured a connection with the new brand at a grass roots level. With the relaunch being relatively recent, initial signs show Aura-Soma is well on the journey to connecting with a broader audience.”

ABOVE: FIRME Agency (Brisbane, Australia) for Perkil Probiotics | Designer: Rob Garwood


“To re-create and re-brand the existing Perkii Probiotics brand into a bigger and bolder product, from its packaging through to all consumer facing marketing and communications. The goal was to achieve a vibrant and memorable brand and product, to sit onshelf with the market leading Kombucha products, in an Australian functional beverage and digestive wellness market that was worth more than one-billion dollars in 2017.

APPROACH Our approach was simple… We had a delicious product with a high rating taste profile amongst consumers, and with only 37 calories and over one-billion active probiotics the product spoke spoke for itself. So, we researched our current competition in the health and wellness market as well as the mainstream products available and created a fun and cheeky brand that was refreshingly simple and simply refreshing, just like the product itself.

RESULTS Perkii has since seen a 33% uplift in sales Australia wide. Since the launch, they have cemented a lucrative deal with Woolworths Group, Australia’s largest Supermarket chain as well as a deal with Caltex Petroleum’s retail convenience stores located at their fueling stations throughout Australia.”

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