Nudes 5: New Entries

ABOVERicardo de Vicq de Cumpitch (São Paulo, Brazil) | Assistant Photographer: Ednaldo de Sousa Ramos | Model: Andressa Crossetti | PLATINUM AWARD
“The work ‘Andressa’ is one of my authorial works and belongs to a collection called Waternity (produced in 2015) which is a celebration of the water and the pleasure, pain, and richness of being a woman — in motherhood and life.
Water is inextricably linked to our existence. Our eternal dependence from birth to death, all the pleasure and all the pain in our bodies is connected by water. Waternity is a collection about the strict relationship between life, water and death; a vain attempt to separate the mysterious, yet at the same time transparent, water. All the passiveness an eternity can hold, the fluid bodies ready to take on the form of love from the beginning of their existence, true surrender without questioning, without boundaries, waiting for the touch of the creator, waiting for the moment, in the hope for the relentlessness of love.
Although this is a finished project, I am still considering it a work in progress because it has not been printed as a book nor has it become an installation/exhibition yet. Separately, some of the images of this project have won awards and were published in several magazines, such as Black&White Special Issue Magazine, Black&White Spider Awards and MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), among others.”
ABOVE (left) — Stefano Asili (Cagliari, Italy)
ABOVE (right) — Craig Bromley (Atlanta, GA)

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Author: Graphis