Letterhead: A3 Design & more

The above image is a Platinum Award-winning entry from A3 Design. The client, retailer Hawthorne & Wren, specializes in meaningful gifts of comfort. Using this as inspiration, Designer Kevin Cantrell and Art Director Adrian Pulfer added a modular undercurrent to the classical foundation — the result is a fresh blend of eras that acts as a stable canvas for emotional expression.

Next is a Silver Award (above) created by Cundari agency on behalf of their own company. The Canadian corporation’s design — led by Design Director Melissa Medwyk and Creative Director Dean Martin — sought to marry the animated vibrance of color with the disciplined austerity of negative space for their latest branding materials.

Logo/Letterhead 9 is currently available for purchase — pick your copy up today and keep your eyes peeled for news on the upcoming Letterhead 10 competition!

Author: Graphis