Design: Matchstic & more from Georgia

From Matchstic‘s talented design team — Blake Howard (Creative Director), David Sizemore (Design Director), Brian Nelson (Lead Designer), Laura Medina (Designer) — comes a sleek commission on behalf of The Providence Group (above). Matchstic is based in Atlanta, Georgia and identifies their branding design as a tribute to their client’s “dedication to classic design and reliability with a twist on the expected.”

The image directly above is a sampling of the impressive recruitment materials for Savannah College of Art and Design — designed in-house, of course. While the standards of SCAD are always high, these course catalogues et. al take some design risks that pay off in a big way. A red ball is interwoven throughout the campaign, a symbol chosen to evoke the sense of play and creativity that SCAD hopes to foster. This motif can be seen reflected in everything from brochures to acceptance packets to VR goggles and everything in-between. The red has been counterbalanced with blue, white, and silver spheres to add a sense of symmetrical harmony to the body of work created by designers Jessie Walters and Ben Brown with digital art from Scott Newman.

The Design Annual 2019 Competition FINAL DEADLINE is Tuesday, May 1. There will be no more extensions. Submit your work before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis