Graphis Master: Wieden+Kennedy

The above and following images are products of master design firm and Ad Age‘s 2018 “Agency of the Year”, Wieden+Kennedy! The Portland-based team consists of founders Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, along with co-global chief creative officers Susan Hoffman and Colleen DeCourcy, Jason Bagley, Eric Baldwin, Neal Arthur, Karl Lieberman, and Karrelle Dixon.

Wieden+Kennedy have worked with such notable powerhouse companies as Nike, Facebook, Coca-Cola, ESPN, Microsoft, Old Spice, KFC, The Atlantic, Airbnb, and Lyft. Despite their commercial success, this firm is always looking for new and exciting ways to tell their clients’ stories. Their “branded everything” ethos is counterbalanced by a firm and steadfast commitment to artistic integrity. Wieden+Kennedy have brought artistry and vigor to large commercial campaigns, and the result is often cultural zeitgeist. If you have ever giggled at an Old Spice Man quip, found yourself pondering the creative limitations of chicken, or uttered the catchphrase “Dilly Dilly”, you now know who to thank.
Author: Graphis