Branding: Matchstic & more from the USA

The above image comes from Atlanta, Georgia firm Matchstic on behalf of an exciting new client called Humrun. The design team of Blake Howard (Creative Director) and Brian Nelson (Designer) along with their talented strategists and copywriters re-branded their client from Repair Dog to Humrun. The new name is featured in the design’s aesthetic flow, with the ideas of “maintaining the flow” and “humming along” infused in the logo and delicate framing touches.

This next (above) submission is from Friends & Neighbors for their client, the Minnesota Timberwolves. The firm worked to tell the history of the basketball team with a fresh new logo, uniforms, and re-imagined arena design. All of these separate elements come together beautifully to bring the Timberwolves, their fans, and the rest of the world around them a new attitude towards the Minnesota Timberwolves.

There are still 12 days left to submit to the Branding 7 Competition! And to see the previous Branding winners, check out Branding 6 right here!

Author: Graphis