GlobalHue: Jeep “Greatness”

Art Director: Albert Leora | Agency: GlobalHue
Photographer: Scott Harben | Retoucher: SEE Pictures

Founded in 1988, Don Colemann and Associates (DCA) set out to become a premier communications firm. The agency quickly expanded when, in 2002, DCA acquired Montemayor y Asociados, a Hispanic agency, and Innovasia Communications, an Asian agency. Together, the agencies became GlobalHue, the first integrated, full-service multicultural agency in the U.S.

Now the 22nd largest independent marketing company in the United States, GlobalHue is dedicated to addressing general market and multicultural consumers collectively and individually. Some of their past clients include, Walmart, Dodge, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, FedEx, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Chrysler, Dominos Pizza, Subway, and Corona Extra.

Recently, GlobalHue headed the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee campaign, intended for both the general and Hispanic markets. Considering its remarkable outcome, the campaign will be featured in Graphis’ upcoming 2014 Advertising Annual as a gold winner.

GlobalHue’s goal was to create a design that allowed consumers to differentiate between the Grand Cherokee and other luxury SUV’s, advocating the vehicle’s abundance of industry accolades, superiority claims, and efficient engine.

GlobalHue even called on photographer Scott Harben to help make their mission come to life.

“When approached by GlobalHue to help bring the new Jeep Grand Cherokee multi cultural campaign to life, I was challenged to create two distinct brand visuals yet keep the campaign consistent. I felt for each there needed to be strong cultural influences and proud heritage symbolism,” said Harben, reflecting on the experience.

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Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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