Hope for the World: Protest Posters 2

The holidays are a time to celebrate hope and do right by the world, which is what these poster inspire to do!

Hope is a beautiful thing, and Japanese designer Hajime Tsushima depicts this with his peaceful poster, “Hope of Earth” (above, left). Reminiscent of rippling waves, blue and white lines flow around the poster, forming a bubble around the word ‘hope.’ Tsushima smartly manipulates the text to make it appear like it’s underwater. Created for the Emirates International Poster Festival, Tsushima “hopes” to instill a desire for a future beyond war and violence in its viewers.

Everyone has the right to live in comfort, and Argentinean designer Coco Cerrella drives this home with his poster “A Home for Everyone” (above, right). Against a black background, two red bricks are laid out like an equal sign. Sleeping in between them is a homeless man, wearing only the clothes on his back. The brick equal sign promotes how all people deserve good, equal housing, especially during the winter season.

Our last entry today is Udo Döhler’s “Save the Forest” (above). Thanks to global warming, we’re in danger of losing these important ecosystems around the world. Wanting to put a spotlight on the issue, the Brazilian designer created this clever and slightly startling poster by using wooden matches to spell out ‘Save the Forest.’ The font style is whimsical, but the material used creates tension in the piece, pointing to the potential for more destruction.

Like what you see? Want to enter your own design? Submit your entries to our Protest Posters 2 competition here!

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