Stamps from Space and a Furniture Fair: These New Talent 2021 Entries are Out of This World!

Shannon Kirkpatrick from Syracuse University takes us to the stars with her postal stamp series, and School of Visual Arts student Jun Hong Park combined text and images in their brand design for the ICFF.

As an assignment for professor Claudia Strong, Kirkpatrick designed To the Moon and Back – Stamps (above) that focuses on the ladies of NASA, such as Sally Ride and Margaret Hamilton. She used a cohesive purple and pink color scheme and a bold, layered type to show the different contributions women made to space exploration and how they paved the way for other women to follow in their path. These stamps may be small—1 by 1.5 inches—but they’re so well-designed, you can see them from space!

The ICFF, or International Contemporary Furniture Fair, is an interior design convention where designers and retailers display the latest in furniture, lighting, and textile design. With professors Kenneth Deegan and Brankica Harvey, Park created a marketing series that includes pamphlets, billboards, and these posters (above). The maze-like font not only connects the posters with the rest of the series, but also draws viewers in, while the black and white photographs allows people to imagine their own color scheme for each room, like a real interior designer!

The 2021 New Talent Annual now ends on December 15. Submit your entry before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis

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