Trendy Tins and Crafty Cans: Two New Packaging 10 Entries

Kick off the holiday season by celebrating these two new Packaging 10 entries! Designer Ben Wallace, under Ellen Bruss Design, created new tins for Hammond’s Candies. Similarly, the agency MiresBall crafted new cans for Two Roots Brewing Co. 

To commemorate the 100 anniversary of Hammond’s Candies, Wallace designed these new tins for their signature hard candy flavors. Titled “Hammond’s Pantry Candies,” (above) these nostalgic tins maintain the essence of the small business located in Denver, CO, by mirroring old fashioned packaging. However, the labels are delicately designed, featuring a small icon associated with each candy flavor. Additionally, the cans are color-coordinated, but are all connected together with a stripe pattern in the background. This design is so pleasing to the eye that you won’t ever want to throw it out when the candy’s gone!

MiresBall successfully gives Two Roots Brewing Co. a new brand, helping to de-stigmatize the new market of cannabis-infused beverages. These innovative cans, titled “Two Roots Brewing Co. Packaging” (above), embody the tagline emblazoned near the cans’ tabs: “Beers Without Boundaries.” The logo features both hopes grains and a cannabis leaf simultaneously growing out of one another, cleverly depicting the duality of these THC-infused beers. The logo, alongside the split green and white colors, demonstrates that these beers offer consumers a drinking experience unique to Two Roots. 

Packaging 10 is open until January 26, 2021! Submit your work here.

Author: Graphis

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