Home on the Go: Microhaus by Haus.Me in Graphis Journal #373

Homeownership and unlimited travel are the dreams of many people around the world. However, these dreams have only become more and more expensive over time, leaving more and more people unable to make those dreams a reality. The Mircohaus, created by Ukraine-based company Haus.Me, was designed to overcome both of those financial hurdles.

Founded in 2016 by Ukrainian entrepreneur Max Gerbut, Haus.Me’s mission is for every human to wake up with the view they want, wherever in the world that may be. They aim to redefine the way people think of buying a new home and make homeownership a breeze by providing affordable, ready-to-move-in home models for most budgets. 

Their Microhaus model is billed as “The Most Advanced Micro Home in the World,” and they consider it to be the first-ever fully self-sustainable mobile house. Manufactured at 120 square feet with a durable composite structure, this box-shaped mini-home comes fully furnished and equipped with plug’n’play electricity, water, and sewage hookups that require no groundwork or building permits. The home comes equipped with innovative house technology that can be controlled remotely, and all of the home’s systems run on solar power, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The main selling point however is its portability: the Microhaus is fully portable and easy to transport, allowing owners to respond to changing circumstances and wanderlust whims in a matter of hours. 

To learn more about Haus.Me and the Microhaus, and to discover other great building designs, you can purchase Graphis Journal #373 at graphis.com.

Author: Graphis